Monday, May 2, 2016

Welcome to Our Gone Crazy Roadtrip 2012 blog!


Sometimes your life starts to drive you crazy. Finally, something’s gotta' give. So we left our home and went on … the road trip of a lifetime!

Crossing the bridge near Tok, Alaska

My name's Lareena and I moved to Alaska in 2004. In 2006, I married Khevron. We've lived in Fairbanks, Alaska, since 2008. Though Khevron's lived in Alaska since 1992.

I'd been working at a TV station for four years, doing master control and directing the morning news show at 6:30 AM. I loved my job--most of the time. But there had been some changes at the company and things were hectic. I think I just needed a change.

Khevron was working in a small Alaskan town over 300 miles away, 2 weeks and on 2 weeks off, at a city jail. He'd been at his job for 14 years @, but had been wanting to look for a new job.

Khevron and Lareena

We decided to leave our jobs, and since we were in reasonably good financial condition (not rich, not flush w/cash, just okay) we decided if we got new jobs right away, we’d only have a week off in a year… so why not take a few months all at once? That's what we planned to do, but that would bring us back in winter....

Moose at the Outback Steakhouse
So, we put everything in storage and headed out into the wild blue yonder! 

The craziness began on Labor Day, September 5th, 2012. Driving our 2004 Scion XB and also bringing along Khevron’s ’94 Honda Goldwing GL1500 motorcycle, we left Fairbanks. We would drive down the Alcan Highway through Canada and across the northern United States, camping, hostelling, couch-surfing and visiting friends and family on the way.
Our rig ... a 2004 Scion, towing a 1992 Honda Goldwing!

Sunday, May 1, 2016



Welcome travelers!

To our new Mooseadventures travel blog site. I had this blog up on another wordpress site, but I'm moving it to blogspot and recreating it here. So, I hope you enjoy this new incarnation of the story of our Crazy Roadtrip!

Our adventure started in 2012 when we quit our jobs and drove from Alaska down through Canada to tour all 49 states in the United States and 10 Canadian provinces! We saw 22 National Parks and 9 National Monuments.

We took two traveling moose with us, as our mascots and took pictures with them along our journey.